About Us

Everything is a fantasy at first, then it is formed in our minds. A thought that finds its way out. These paths become lifelines and, at some point, the intersections of thoughts, form a philosophy for the future generation.

At first, everything was formed in Dr. Norouzian’s mind. When Dr. Hamed Norouzian, after years of laboratory research, testing and evaluation of results, exchange of experiences and person-to-person consultation in his pharmacy, established a way of thinking that would be a way to get better.

Lanaria was born on this lifeline. Products formulated with the aim of providing a solution for the treatment, care and beauty of hair of plant origin and effective compounds of chemical agents. Dr. Norouzian treated hundreds of clients to formulate each Lanaria product, and with the positive results of this research, the formula of each product was established in this direction. The products he is treating with now are more effective than before, makes one feel better and build confidence.

Lanaria’s products are based on valuable experiences and idealistic methods according to Dr. Norouzian’s philosophy. A formulation that has been dramatically effective by conducting clinical trials and personal prescriptions for each individual and recognizing the problem of hair loss, and in the near future is looking for ways to solve problems for all hair problems in different treatment and care groups.

New paths are signs of change, because some known paths are signs of a dead end, so new paths must be recognized.

Lanaria is a new method of doing old things. A solution to get better. When looking for new ways to style your hair, Lanaria is a suggestion.

When people want to pursue new solutions for transformation in order to improve their hair, the first and best solution is Lanaria. And later, on the path of their treatment, they admit that there is no other effective path than Lanaria.

محلول رشد مو لاناریا - محلول رشد مو دکتر نوروزیان