Lanaria Oily Hair Shampoo

Lanaria Oily Hair Shampoo

Contains Piroctone Olamine, Nettle Extract and Tea Tree Oil

Eliminates excess fat from the scalp

Adjust scalp secretion

High cleansing effect

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Lanaria Oily Hair Shampoo degreases the hair and the natural substance contained in it controls the secretion of fat by the skin glands. This shampoo is very gentle and will not do any damage to your hair. In fact, in the formulation of this shampoo, natural and herbal substances such as tea tree oil, nettle extract, peppermint extract, etc. have been used.

Lanaria oily hair shampoo with 100% herbal formulation is one of the most important products recommended in the process of treating hair loss. It is very significant to use it to get rid of scalp fat along with massage.


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